Weekly Earth News Round Up: October 16th

Repeal of Carbon Emission Rule; Climate Change and the New Normal; and Eco-Positive Landscape Design

The topic of planet earth is always top-of-mind in the media. Whether it’s coverage about Earth Day, new environmental legislation, or the latest earth-imaging innovations, there is no shortage of stories to keep on top of – which can be overwhelming. This is why Voices.Earth is providing all of the actionable earth news you need in one place with our Weekly Earth News Round Up.

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency announced a new measure to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature policy to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

This Isn’t ‘the New Normal’ for Climate Change — That Will Be Worse

Here’s a New York Magazine op-ed about how we should not view today’s abnormal weather patterns as the ‘new normal.’

What Dead Birds Tell Us about Climate Change

The feathers of museum bird specimens are giving scientists a rare glimpse into the history of U.S. carbon emissions.

The Next Supercontinent: Four Ways Earth Could Reshape Itself

Plate tectonics is a slow-grind drama with some dramatic plot twists – these scenarios show how Earth might look in 250 million AD.

MDA Closes Digitalglobe Merger, Rebrands as Maxar Technologies

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) completed its $2.4 billion purchase of DigitalGlobe Oct. 5, and will rebrand the combined company as Maxar Technologies.

Look Inside the Most Expensive House on Earth

Here’s an exclusive tour of Villa Les Cèdres, a 187-year-old mansion now for sale along the coast of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat for only $410 million.

Announcing the Winner of Miss India Earth 2017

Shweta Chaudhary is the official winner of the Mrs. India Earth pageant for 2017. And, what a perfect URL for this pageant: www.india.earth.

Cool .Earth Site Alert: Designwithnatureny.Earth

Please be sure to check out Designwithnatureny.Earth, which is an eco-positive landscape design firm.

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