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Friday’s Food for Thought: We Are All Mother Nature’s Sons and Daughters

For the most popular bands and singers, writing a song about saving our planet can often be the ultimate Public Service Announcement.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of recording artists who fully embrace the environment – from Neil Young to Joni Mitchell and even Van Halen – and are helping spread the right message.

The challenge is finding the best song about the environment. As we all know, not every song is a true gem, and even the most critically acclaimed bands have inconsistent output when it comes to quality.

Though, in our humble opinion, we believe that Mother Nature’s Son by the Beatles takes the top slot in when it comes to environmental songs. Paul McCartney wrote this song after listening to a lecture by the Maharishi during the Beatles’ time in India.

The song’s lyrics praise the natural beauty of the world, and highlight McCartney’s desire to become at one with the environment. According to Beatles experts, this song laid the foundation for him to become life-long animal rights activist and prominent vegetarian.

Here’s the classic song for your listening pleasure:

Indeed, we are all Mother Nature’s children … happy Friday!

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