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Weekly Earth News Round Up: December 11th

Patagonia Fights Trump; Gathering of Mayors; Planet Earth II; and a Robotics .Earth Site

The topic of planet earth is always top-of-mind in the media. Whether it’s coverage about Earth Day, new environmental legislation, or the latest earth-imaging innovations, there is no shortage of stories to keep on top of – which can be overwhelming. This is why Voices.Earth is providing all of the actionable earth news you need in one place with our Weekly Earth News Round Up.

Patagonia, REI and Other Outdoor Retailers Protest Trump’s Decision to Shrink Utah Monuments

Patagonia, REI and other outdoor clothing and equipment retailers are speaking out against President Trump’s plan to slash the size of two national monuments in Utah by some two million acres. 

Native American Tribes Sue Over Trump’s Decision to Shrink Utah National Monument

Trump’s move to shrink two large national monuments in Utah also triggered another round of outrage among Native American leaders who vowed to unite and take the fight to court to preserve protections for lands they consider sacred.

4 Takeaways from a Gathering of Mayors on Climate Change

45 American mayors gathered last week to commit their cities to uphold the emissions standards laid out in the Paris agreement. Here are four takeaways from this event. 

Thanks to Climate Change, the Weather Roasting California and Freezing the East May Thrive

New research reveals how climate change and shrinking sea ice are causing a pattern of wild weather contrasts in the U.S. right now.

‘Planet Earth: Blue Planet II’ Ocean Exploration to Get Five-Network Launch in January

BBC America can’t quite match the expanse of Earth’s oceans, but it’s doing its best with a five-network launch of the next edition of its Emmy-winning Planet Earth nature series. 

10 Strange Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Earth

The planet we all call home is even more bizarre than you might imagine, and National Geographic documents 10 strange things about Earth here.

Collision with Moon-Sized Body Brought Gold to Earth

A large Moon-sized planetary body penetrated all the way down to the Earth’s core during the early days of our home planet’s formation, delivering in the process precious metals such as gold and platinum, suggests a new study.

Cool .Earth Site Alert: TNG.Earth

Please be sure to check out TNG.Earth, a new personalized robotics community and e-commerce site.

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