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Weekly Earth News Round Up: August 29th

New Earth-Like Planet Discovered; Humans Caused Climate Change for 180 Years; and Ask the Universe a Question

The topic of planet earth is always top-of-mind in the media. Whether it’s coverage about Earth Day, new environmental legislation, or the latest earth-imaging innovations, there is no shortage of stories to keep on top of – which can be overwhelming. This is why Voices.Earth is providing all of the actionable earth news you need in one place with our Weekly Earth News Round Up.

New Earth-Like Planet Discovered

According to a new study, a potentially life-supporting planet has been discovered in Proxima Centauri’s orbit, which many herald as a major scientific breakthrough.

Humans Have Caused Climate Change for 180 Years

An international research project found that human activity has been causing global warming for almost two centuries, proving human-induced climate change is not just a 20th century phenomenon.

Photo Captured the First View of Earth From the Moon Fifty Years Ago

Fifty years ago, a NASA spacecraft captured the first-ever photograph of Earth from the moon.

California Legislature Passes Climate Change Bills

California lawmakers recently voted to extend the state’s climate change fighting efforts out to 2030, giving a new lease on life to the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction program in the country.

Stricken Area in Italy Felt Earth Shake Before

The area in central Italy struck by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake last week has experienced minor temblors in the past. Be sure to check out our recent coverage of Quake.Earth, and how these types of apps can help keep citizens up-to-date on earthquakes throughout the globe.

NASA’s Mars 360-Degree Video Shows Earth-Like Formations and Landscape

NASA recently released a 360-degree video of Mars, showing some very striking Earth-like formations. 

Cool .Earth Website Alert: Dear Universe

Please be sure to check out DearUniverse.Earth, a site that allows you to ask existential questions to the universe, which is a cool usage of a .Earth domain extension.

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