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Weekly Earth News Round Up: February 28th

Freaky February Heat Wave; EPA Sued; China Trumps U.S. on Climate Change; and 500 Best Spots on Earth

The topic of planet earth is always top-of-mind in the media. Whether it’s coverage about Earth Day, new environmental legislation, or the latest earth-imaging innovations, there is no shortage of stories to keep on top of – which can be overwhelming. This is why Voices.Earth is providing all of the actionable earth news you need in one place with our Weekly Earth News Round Up.

Freaky February Heat Waves Trigger More Chills Over Climate Change

With hundreds of records being broken, February’s stretches of extremely high temperatures mixed periodically with a plunging mercury is the latest chilling warning about global warming.

Groups Sue EPA to Protect Wild Salmon from Climate Change

U.S. fishing and conservation groups sued the EPA last Thursday, seeking to protect wild salmon threatened by rising water temperatures attributed in part to climate change in two major rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

China Trumps U.S. on Climate Change

Experts say that China’s positive action on climate change is much more significant than Donald Trump’s threat to exit the Paris agreement. 

Scientists Make Biggest Breakthrough in Quest to Find Life Beyond Earth

A group of international scientists have announced that a dwarf star only 40 light years from the Earth has at least seven apparently rocky planets with potential to harbor water and life.

“Quartz” Crystals at Earth’s Core Power its Magnetic Field

Scientists at the Earth-Life Science Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology report unexpected discoveries into the source of energy driving the Earth’s magnetic field.

Google’s Geospatial Evolution is Open

Jason Cupp from Thermopylae Sciences & Technology recently authored this article in Directions Magazine about Google’s move of its Earth Enterprise to an open platform. Also, be sure to listen to our podcast interview, Harris Eisenberg, Executive Vice President at Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, about the rise and impact of geospatial solutions in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Cool .Earth Site Alert: Bestspots.Earth

Please be sure to check out Bestspots.Earth, a new site launching in April that will present the 500 best spots on earth for sophisticated travelers.

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