Why .earth?

Why .earth?
From urbanization to natural disasters to global conflicts over resources to astounding population growth, we face very significant challenges in transforming global change into action. Throughout this transformation, we need to ensure a stable quality of life for ourselves and future generations. The .earth top-level domain is a new Internet extension that will give everyone – such as large global corporations, advocacy groups, NGOs and world leaders – a bigger voice in bringing awareness to global issues. .earth is all about connecting and establishing cooperative relationships between individuals and organizations that wish to show their support for making Earth a better place. Messages delivered under a .earth domain will stand out in Internet search results, establish credibility and build trust with communities by creating quality content. This effort could ultimately change the world for the better.
Designed To Be A Platform
The .earth domain is a platform that enables global citizens to share their voices for the betterment of society and enrichment of life on Earth.
Enhance Brand Strength
The .earth domain enhances the overall online brand strength for any organization that is Earth or environment-related – from green business to advocacy green to providers of earth observation software.
Reinforce The Passion
The .earth domain reinforces the passion that many organizations and individuals have for environmental causes and beyond.
Further Support Green Efforts
Thanks to .earth, it’s possible for everyone to further support efforts to solve global issues, and have more credibility in the marketplace – this includes industrial verticals such as energy, oil and gas, utilities, as well as chemicals and plastics.

What Others Say About .earth

  • Kathy Rohret

    Owner & Founder

    Kathy shifted over to a .Earth domain name, and it helps to reinforce her overall brand: 

    “I was really excited to see .Earth as an option,” said Rohret. “It perfectly represents our business, and it helps to clarify what we are all about – especially since ‘green’ branding tends to lean more towards marijuana.”


  • Paul Blavin


    Paul and his team decided to use a .Earth domain name because it represents his production company’s mission all over the planet:

    “We are doing this project to help make a difference in the world, and of course we want to do it all over the Earth,” said Blavin. “Our belief is that we are all one, and we want to bring people together.”


  • Santiago Siri


    For his part, Siri feels the .earth domain helps delineate the cause of Democracy Earth Foundation:

    “Our challenge is to build the civic technologies that help update our democracy to the internet era,” he stated. “The .earth domain clearly expresses our belief in a borderless world that empowers individuals anywhere.”

    Democracy Earth Foundation

  • Gideon Fung


    The Empower Project chose to use a .Earth domain name because it helps to showcase how this e-commerce platform is aligned with tackling social problems and saving the planet:

    “The .Earth domain is a great way to show where your allegiances as an organization lay. For us, this is very much devoted to our home planet, Earth,” said Fung in the podcast interview. “The purchase choices of our consumers not only impact the artisans and their communities, but also actually helps the planet.”


  • Rebecca Wehrle

    Nowet the Greenway, winner of the .Earth Domain Sweepstakes, will use a .Earth domain for its core corporate website – to help expand the company’s network of detailing businesses that use the waterless cleaning solutions:

    “We needed something that represents our company and brand, not only locally but globally too. What better way to do this than to have ‘Earth’ after our company name.”

  • Michael McGee


    Making the switch from a .org domain was an easy decision for the site’s founder, Michael McGee:

    “The CO2.earth name perfectly communicates the focus and scope of the data delivery work I’ve been doing since 2007,” he said. “Our home planet is changing rapidly, yet there’s too much climate information around for most people to know what’s useful and what to do with it. CO2.earth puts all the important data in one place, providing tools and insights to empower people with knowledge and understanding.”


  • David Al-Ibrahim and Saba Singh


    David Al-Ibrahim and Saba Singh, the founders of Catalog.Earth, a very special organization that aims to preserve the world’s most endangered landscapes in 360-degree video stated in our Podcast series:

    “…in doing our research we did realize there is a .earth domain and there is nothing more apt about Catalog.Earth than using this since it is also dedicated to such a cause … there was definitely no better domain for this effort.”


  • Jan Renner


    Roaring.Earth is one of the early media outlet adopters of the .Earth domain, which helps support the organization’s overall holistic brand experience to be all things special about our planet: 

    “When we found out that we could get Roaring.Earth as a domain name, we were very inspired. As a branding exercise, there’s a lot we can do and build around this domain name. The Earth is our domain overall, and it goes well beyond a .com domain name, and we are really excited about leveraging it.”


  • Charlotte Rose Mellis

    Founder of Vox Populi

    Mellis is a true advocate for the use of .Earth domain names:

    “We love it! We were so happy to use .Earth, and we think it’s awesome. Coming from a passion for branding, I wanted something unique and wasn’t just the norm. The way we run VOPO is all about Mother Nature and the Earth – it represents us amazingly.”


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