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5th Anniversary Video Podcast: The First .Earth Domain Users

By Matt Langan | November 24, 2020

This month, we are officially celebrating the 5th anniversary of the launch of the .Earth domain. Over the past five years, .Earth users have grown into being what we call…

.Earth Domain 5th Anniversary Promotion Goes Global with International Registrar Partners

By Matt Langan | November 20, 2020

Since its launch in November 2015, the .Earth domain has focused on creating a unique place that unites like minds – whether it be brands or individuals – and allows…

Voices.Earth Podcast Series Hits 100th Episode Milestone!

By Matt Langan | September 16, 2020

Top 10 Podcast Interviews with Happy .Earth Domain Users When the .Earth domain officially launched in November 2015, we embarked on an ambitious podcast series called Voices.Earth, which shines a…

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