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GoDaddy’s 2022 Sustainability Report Points to Reduced Emissions

By Matt Langan | May 19, 2023

Last month, GoDaddy launched its 2022 Sustainability Report, which pointed to a significant reduction in overall emissions by this leading global domain registrar. GoDaddy reduced scope 1 and 2 GHG…

Blacknight Contributes to “Investing in our Planet” with HQ Solar Panels

By Matt Langan | May 12, 2023

With the Earth Day 2023 theme highlighting the need for the business community to step up and save our planet, we are excited to spotlight the efforts of one of…

Is a Positive Climate Future Within Our Reach?

By Matt Langan | May 3, 2023

It’s common knowledge that we are living in a tipping point moment where our climate is rapidly changing before our eyes. From heat waves and droughts in Europe to rare…

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