Earth Day 2023: Twelve-Year-Old Girl Shares Ideas for Investing in Our Planet


In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, Simone, a twelve-year-old student in Madrid, Spain, is back for her annual Earth Day podcast interview. In this year’s episode, she discusses how we all can take steps to “Invest in Our Planet” on Earth Day 2023.

Once again, Earth Day is upon us and it’s time for our annual podcast with Simone, who is now 12-years old, and spoke to us from Madrid, Spain. As always, she offers a candid view on how children and young people feel about the current state of our planet.

With this year’s Earth Day theme being “Invest In Our Planet” with a focus on “Building a Healthier Economy,” Simone shared her insights into how the business community needs to step up to create more sustainable practices.

She also discusses the differences between the United States and Europe when it comes to recycling, the use of solar energy, and why everyone needs to drive electric cars. Simone also voiced her concerns over the Willow Project, which is a controversial oil-drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope.

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