SettleUp.Earth Allows Individuals and Businesses to Offset Carbon Emissions


As carbon emissions continue to have a profound the environment, we need to find new ways to help everyone on the planet to reduce their overall carbon footprints.

To help achieve this mission, SettleUp.Earth was created to allow individuals and businesses to offset the carbon emissions through a simple, personalized subscription, for less than the cost of a coffee a week.

Carbon offsetting allows you to compensate for the emissions that you produce by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases elsewhere. This is accomplished by financially supporting projects that reduce carbon dioxide either by capturing existing CO2 or preventing new emissions from happening.

Using SettleUp.Earth’s platform, individuals and businesses calculate their carbon footprints, determine how to reduce it and then “settle up” their emissions. It’s also possible to go carbon negative with the solution. Through its selected partners, the organization is focusing on reforestation projects as its principal offsetting strategy, and will be introducing new partnerships in the future.

SettleUp.Earth chose to use a .Earth domain because it perfectly communicates its overall brand vision.

“Very early in the process, we weren’t a .Earth user, but when we did a rebranding effort, we chose the domain because it really communicates what you do very succinctly,” said Tristan. “For us, we took it one step further and our company name is now ‘Settle Up Earth,’ and this works because it conveys the idea that you are settling up your bill with the Earth.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

    • About SettleUp.Earth and how the idea came about. (:42)
    • How the platform works for both consumers and businesses. (2;15)
    • When SettleUp.Earth will officially launch. (5:53)
    • About SettleUp.Earth’s partners. (7:73)
  • Why the organization chose the .Earth domain. (10:16)
  • What the future holds for SettleUp.Earth. (11:39)

To learn more about Settle Up Earth, please click here. In addition, if your organization aims to offset the planet’s carbon footprint, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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