Earth Day 2024: Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Shares Her Perspective on Fighting Plastic Pollution


In this Voices.Earth podcast interview, Simone, a thirteen-year-old student in Madrid, Spain, is back for her annual Earth Day podcast interview. In this year’s episode, she shares how young people feel about today’s plastic pollution problem, which fully supports this year’s Earth Day theme of Planet vs. Plastics.”

Once again, Earth Day is here and it’s time for our annual podcast with Simone, who is now 13-years old, and spoke to us from Madrid, Spain. As always, she offers a candid view on how young people feel about the current health of our planet.

With this year’s Earth Day theme being “Planet vs. Plastics,” Simone shares her insights into the alarming statistics around plastic pollution, and provides a young person’s perspective on plastic recycling, and how the world would be a better place without pervasive plastic pollution.

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