Puro.Earth Celebrates Fifth Anniversary


The organization enabled the removal of 426,695 tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere

In May 2019, Puro.Earth revolutionized the carbon markets with the introduction of the first CO₂ Removal Certificates (CORCs) during an inaugural auction.

The certificates were assessed through three pioneering methodologies – biochar, carbonated building materials, and wooden building elements.

They were the first credits based on engineered carbon removals, setting a precedent for the industry and beginning a new era in carbon removal.

To learn more about the groundbreaking achievement, we did a podcast with Pure.Earth about back in 2020.

Fast forward five years later, and the Puro Standard has enabled the removal of 426,695 tons of CO₂, securely stored for over a century, across 196 registered suppliers in 41 countries. From a single vision to create a credible market for durable carbon credits, the organization now proudly stands with five methodologies (and a sixth on the way).

Pure.Earth’s unwavering commitment to credibility and integrity is reinforced by the support from ICROA and their majority owner Nasdaq. In addition, the trust that corporate buyers place in the Puro Standard is evident, with the Puro Registry recording the retirement of 216,801 long-term storage CORCs from companies worldwide.

However, despite the growth in supply, challenges remain. The need for corporations to make long-term carbon removal purchases still faces obstacles. To support the organization’s suppliers, they will continue to facilitate advanced payments for their CORCs, enabling them to expand and develop their operations. 

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