Celebrating the 2024 Paris Olympics with Sustainable Innovation from #tide


Tide.Earth Provides Recycled Plastics for 14-Meter Tall, 3D-Printed Eiffel Tower

A member of our .earth tribe is in the news! #tide (www.Tide.Earth) is the creator of #tide ocean material, an award-winning material resource that comes in the form of recycled plastic pellets that can be applied to an endless variety of durable products.

In 2019, we interviewed the organization on their inspiring efforts to clean up our  oceans of plastics, recycle them into usable products and produce up to 80 percent less CO2 emissions than producing virgin plastics while doing it.

Today, more than 50 global brands have used #tide ocean material in their products. Now, five years after our Voices.Earth podcast interview, the company has revolutionized 3D printing with their product and its heading to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Made entirely from #tide’s ocean-bound plastic, Czech company 3DDen has created a monumental 3D-printed Eiffel Tower, standing 14 meters tall. Comprising of 1600 pieces and weighing approximately 2 tons, the structure demonstrates the potential of recycled plastics for complex projects.

In 2023, 3DDen launched a groundbreaking initiative to ensure that at least 50 percent of its future production uses #tide’s ocean-bound rPET.

To achieve this, 3DDen developed proprietary technology to convert #tide’s pellets into 3D filaments and a state-of-the-art printing method that eliminates the need for pre-drying the filament. This innovation allows the company to print at impressive speeds of about 1 kg every three hours.

As the 2024 Olympic Games approach, 3DDen and #tide’s 3D-printed Eiffel Tower will stand as a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and the exciting potential of recycled plastics.

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