2024 People’s Climate Vote is Out, and the People Have Spoken!


80 percent of People Want Global Governments to Address Climate Change

The Peoples’ Climate Vote, the world’s largest standalone public opinion survey on climate change, has returned with its 2024 edition, which shows 80 percent – or four out of five – of citizens globally want their governments to take stronger action to tackle the climate crisis.

Even more, a significant 86 percent of respondents wish to see their countries put aside geopolitical differences and collaborate on climate change efforts. The survey, conducted for the UN Development Programme (UNDP) with the University of Oxford, UK, and GeoPoll, polled over 73,000 individuals speaking 87 different languages across 77 countries.

These questions aimed to understand people’s experiences with the impacts of climate change and their expectations from world leaders. The surveyed countries represent 87 percent of the global population.

The release of the 2024 survey results comes at a pivotal moment.

Leading scientific bodies have been issuing increasingly dire warnings about the rapid acceleration of climate change. Given this, the insights gleaned from the survey are invaluable. They offer a clear, grassroots perspective on climate change, which is essential for informed decision-making at all levels of governance.

The Peoples’ Climate Vote 2024 is more than a survey; it is a call to action. By giving voice to millions, it underscores the collective urgency and demand for robust, effective climate action.

As the world faces an increasingly uncertain climate future, this initiative empowers citizens and informs leaders, fostering a global dialogue that is essential for driving meaningful change.

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