GreentheBid.Earth Shifts Advertising Industry to a More Sustainable Future


Production and post-production in advertising can be incredibly wasteful. It leaves a huge carbon footprint that further contributes to today’s increasingly alarming climate crisis.

For example, a roundtrip flight from NYC to LAX generates 1.8 tons of carbon for economy class and 3.92 tons for business class. Outside of air travel, productions can generate an average of 2 tons of carbon per each shoot day. In addition, advertising productions send thousands of tons of waste to landfills each year.

This is why a forward-thinking group of advertising executives created GreenTheBid.Earth, which aims to make the industry more sustainable, and shift to zero waste.

The organization chose to use a .Earth domain because of its global meaning, and it reinforces Green The Bid’s overall brand vision.

“.Earth really makes sense for this project,” said Michael Kalinski. “Implementing environmental measures in advertising is a global responsibility for us all. The current unprecedented climate crisis is a challenge that affects everyone everywhere in the world.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • High-level overview of Green The Bid, its history and mission. (:57)
  • Why it is important to find ways to make advertising and production more sustainable. (2:54)
  • How Green The Bid created a framework for widespread industry adoption. (3:58)
  • About the organization’s current momentum, and the more than 60 member companies and entities. (6:18)
  • Why Green The Bid chose to use a .Earth domain. (8:19)
  • What the future holds for Green The Bid. (9:30)

To learn more about Green The Bid, please click here. In addition, if your organization aims to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please take advantage of our new .Earth domain 5th Anniversary pricing promotion here.





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