ReduceMyFootprint.Earth Aims to Reduce the Planet’s Carbon Footprint


In order to save our planet, we need to capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to avert a catastrophic climate disaster. To do this, we must limit global warming to below 1.5°C, but this requires a large-scale removal of carbon dioxide from the air.

In addition, 20 billion tons of CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere every year by 2050. Otherwise, areas like Manhattan, and island nations like Fiji and the Maldives, would be submerged underwater.

As such, ReduceMyFootprint.Earth was created to empower climate-conscious individuals and businesses to begin capturing carbon now. The organization achieves this by supporting reforestation and other carbon capturing projects around the world, and is now working across six countries.

The organization chose to use a .Earth domain because of how perfect it aligns with its overall values, and further reinforces its brand to businesses and consumers.

“It’s such a great domain to have because it immediately signals to people what we’re all about, and what our values are – which is that we are all about the Earth,” said Marcus. “So in that sense, it’s absolutely perfect for us, especially for what we do.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • High-level overview of Reduce My Footprint. (0:43)
  • Why we need a solution like Reduce My Footprint right now. (2:04)
  • How Reduce My Footprint works. (3:52)
  • Reduce My Footprint’s current reforestation projects. (5:32)
  • Why the organization chose to use a .Earth domain. (7:39)
  • What the future holds for Reduce My Footprint. (8:17)

To learn more about ReduceMyFootprint.Earth, please click here. In addition, if your organization aims to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please take advantage of our new .Earth domain 5th Anniversary pricing promotion here.


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