Friday’s Food for Thought: Prince Secretly Supported Green Giving


While the world is still getting over the shock of the sudden death of musical icon Prince, there have been many stories emerging about his secret philanthropic efforts.

From playing benefit concerts in Chicago to quietly support the city’s numerous charities to sending anonymous checks for $50,000 to human rights organizations, he supported a wide-range of causes – all with zero publicity.

When it comes to the environment, Prince supported the “Green For All” advocacy group by paying for the solar panels on the roofs of many buildings and homes in Oakland, California.

Not only did we lose one of the brightest musical stars of all time, we also lost someone who truly cared for the environment and fellow human beings.

For this installment of “Friday’s Food for Thought,” we are going to go deeper into Prince’s catalog with a song that showed his vision of what life should be.

With lyrics like, “There will be a new city with streets of gold. The young so educated they never grow old. And a, there will be no death 4 with every breath. The voice of many colors sings a song that’s so bold,” the song “7” reinforces just how visionary and special he was as human being.

We hope you enjoy and happy Friday.



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