Helios.Earth: Real-Time Environmental Intelligence from Harris Corporation


In the geospatial arena, knowledge and insights based on global location is the fuel for enhancing decision-making. Whether its imagery and mapping, drone solutions, or micro-satellites, there’s an ecosystem of players who are making our world geospatially-enabled.

A we have highlighted before, Earth is the critical foundation for all of this imagery, mapping and analysis efforts. This is why many geospatial companies are starting to seek out .Earth top-level domains to enhance their branding efforts.

The most recent example is Helios.Earth, the landing page for Harris Corporation’s weather analytics solution called Helios.

The solution instantaneously analyzes and filters content from thousands of existing public and private video cameras to detect real-time weather conditions and provides immediate confirmation of ground weather condition changes at a detailed local level.

In other words, Helios enhances our ability to rapidly predict the weather, which could significantly save lives. This is a vital solution, especially since climate change is making our once-normal weather patterns be highly erratic.

The solution is already proving to be worthy. In June, Harris Corporation announced that the National Weather Service will be leveraging data from the Helios digital platform.

“Having real-time, ground-level conditions pushed automatically to meteorologists would allow them to validate their forecasts and improve accuracy,” said Eric Webster, Vice President at Harris Corporation, in this recent article.

Helios.Earth is a prime example of how to use a .Earth domain extension for supporting Earth-related marketing efforts online.

Earlier this year, we called on the geospatial sector to take the .Earth domain pledge – to help support the community and enhance Earth-related branding. In addition, we spoke with Harris Eisenberg, Executive Vice President at Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, who gave us his insights into the rise of ubiquitous geospatial solutions.

To get started on enhancing the brand of your geospatial organization, please visit one of these registrars to secure your new .earth domain.


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