The People Have Spoken: Time to End Fossil Fuels

End Fossil Fules

Last weekend, more than 75,000 protesters gathered in New York City for the March to End Fossil Fuels, which marked the beginning of Climate Week NYC, where world leaders gathered for a U.N. summit.

Taking a page from the March to End Fossil Fuels momentum, the theme for Climate Week NYC was “We can. We will.” The event also focused on how climate action is simply not moving fast enough, as well as the need to boost green technology and energy security.

The event aimed to use the collective will of the climate community to remain inspired, stay the course and continue to drive fast climate action. Well, judging from the 75,000 hundred protesters at the start of Climate Week NYC, it is clear that the people have spoken: the time to end fossil fuels is now.

As we have highlighted before, there are several silver linings when it comes to the advancement of clean energy.

Earlier this year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published a report saying that the world is entering a new industrial age of clean energy manufacturing. This new industrial age could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year by the end of the decade, as well as generate millions of jobs in the process.

In addition, clean energy companies are financially outperforming dirty energy providers by 30 percent, according to the Clean Carbon 200 list. On top of this, a report from the Energy Innovation found that coal production is far more expensive than wind and solar.

So, the financial incentives are there for moving to clean energy, and the general population wants climate action now. It’s time for the big fossil fuels players to get on board.

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