Top 10 Niche Eco-Fashion Brands Changing the Fashion World


When one thinks of the fashion world, the image of glamour, Instagram influencers, global travel, and aspirational living comes to mind.

According to SustainableFashion.Earth, this idealized image comes with a different reality though, which is that the fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of the global carbon footprint, and 12.8 million tons of clothing ends up on landfills every year.

Fortunately, there are a number of eco-fashion brands that aim to address these challenges, while also offering cutting-edge fashions for influencers and everyday people.

Here’s our definitive list of the top 10 niche eco-brands in the marketplace:

  • #10 – SeventyOne: Created by two friends who share a love of all bodies of water, SeventyOne offers water-related clothing that is made of recycled plastic, and they contribute to Bahamas Restoration. Learn more here.
  • #9 – Everything Eco: With a social enterprise mission to make our world fully eco, Everything Eco offers a wide range of second-hand recycled and organic clothing for men, women and children. Learn more here.
  • #8 – Ferron: Offering affordable vegan bags, Ferron is an independent designer that uses bio-based Polyurethane (PU) and microfiber that provide the luxury feel of real leather without harming a single animal. Learn more here.
  • #7 – ABLE: With the goal of ending generational poverty, ABLE offers bags and clothing made all over the world by fairly paid women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. Learn more here.
  • #6 – Outerknown: Working with global partners who offer fair wages and practice sustainable production, Outerknown was founded by world-famous professional surfer Kelly Slater and acclaimed designer John Moore. Learn more here.
  • #5 – Alternative Apparel: With factories that operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association guidelines, Alternative Apparel makes over 80 percent of the garments with sustainable materials and processes. Learn more here.
  • #4 – United By Blue: For each product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through clean-up initiatives. The brand also offers products that are made in GOTS-certified factories from sustainably-sourced materials. Learn more here.
  • #3 – Nisolo: Collaborating with local artisans in Peru, Nisolo offers leather shoes, chukka boots, bags, jewelry, and accessories. They also have an Ethical Marketplace where you can purchase other eco-products from “like-minded” brands. Learn more here.
  • #2 – tentree: This earth-first apparel brand celebrates its commitment to our planet with ethically crafted and sustainably designed products, all while planting ten trees for each item purchased. Learn more here.
  • #1 – Amor Vert: With sustainable practices across all aspects of its business operations – from the fibers and production processes used, to how workers are treated, to how it gets to the consumer and finally, whether it can be recycled or is forced into landfill – Amor Vert topped our list. Learn more here.

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