Earth Day 2017 Calendar of Global Events and Activities


With the shift in the geo-political arena in the wake of President Trump’s presidency, this year’s Earth Day celebration has taken on a much stronger resonance.

As there are many global citizens and organizations concerned about the fate of our planet, there has been a tremendous rise in Earth Day 2017 events and activities. As such, the Voices.Earth blog has compiled the following list of events and activities:

  • March for Science in Washington, D.C.: Taking place on April 22nd, and being hosted by the Earth Day Network, the March for Science will be one of the largest and most-covered Earth Day events this year.
  • Earth Day 2017 Beach Cleanup: San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay is hosting a day-long event on April 22nd where volunteers can help clean up the trash along the shorelines of the San Francisco Bay.
  • Earth Day Festival in Tokyo: Taking place in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo’s Earth Day Festival will welcome more than 100,000 visitors over two days (April 22nd and 23rd) to teach them about how to live a greener life, and preserve the environment.
  • Empower Earth Day London: On April 22nd, in London, UK, the Empower Earth Day London event will feature live music from an original Wailer who performed with Bob Marley, as well as speeches from Friends of Earth, Greenpeace and others.
  • Earth Day New York 2017: With events hosted on April 18th in Union Square, Grand Central, and Times Square, Earth Day New York will feature dozens of exhibitors, including environmental non-profits, green businesses, kids’ activities, and live performances.
  • Earth Day Barcelona 2017: Known as “Dia de la Tierra,” Earth Day 2017 celebrations in Barcelona, Spain, will be a two-day eco-festival (April 29th and 30th) that will showcase a wide range of environmentally friendly products both local, ecological, and recycled.
  • 2017 Earth Day Fair & Parade: In Bend, Oregon, the Environmental Center is hosting a colorful, creative parade and fair filled with children and adults costumed as their favorite plant or animal on April 22nd. 
  • Earth Day Texas: Everything is big in Texas, and this year’s Earth Day Texas (April 21st — 23rd) aims to be the world’s largest eco-conference and exhibition.
  • Enjoy Earth Day Art: The Pocono Art Council’s Gallery will be showcasing 42 pieces of artwork on April 22nd that speak about the environment and global issues like pollution and weather changes.

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