.Earth Sweepstakes Entries Inspire With Their Submissions – Winner to be Announced Next Week


When President Trump was inaugurated, it sent a clear edict to the American people – the factual scientific evidence behind climate change is in the crosshairs of this administration.

In today’s political world of “alternative-facts” when it comes to climate change, Voices.Earth has aimed to showcase how organizations can best “fight back in the name of Earth” with a new .Earth domain name.

As such, on President Trump’s inauguration day, we launched a special sweepstakes where anyone could win their own customized .Earth domain name. Next week, we will be announcing the winner with a special podcast interview on Voices.Earth.

In addition, we asked those who participated in the sweepstakes to add commentary about what they love about the Earth or what they would do with a .Earth domain. We couldn’t resist sharing these ten submissions ahead of announcing the winner:

  • Earth has given us an abundance to survive without any stress, but mindless misuse of natural resources and abuse of the natural balance are driving us towards extinction. Energy & Water Conservation are two keys to fight the battle. I am pursuing renewable energy application in building and energy efficiency in building industry. 
  • This world is a beautiful place and filled with beautiful people. There should be a network of people spread all over the world that form communities to serve people who are suffering and really deserving. 
  • I live in a development that sits on a nature conservatory. I want to promote and preserve nature to make it a better place for everyone!
  • I love the fact that you are fighting back to make earth better!
  • It’s a great planet but of course it’s the only planet we really know so it doesn’t really have a lot of competition, but I’m fairly sure it’s a good one. It’s certainly the best in our solar system. 
  • What is there not to love about earth?! I mean if it were not for earth, I would not be able to respond to this. Of course, earth as we know it seems to be in trouble and if we keep on the path we are going, I fear earth will suffer a fate we will all regret one day when it is too late.
  • Earth is a beautiful place for the Evolution of Consciousness.
  • Earth is my home and I love everything in it. With a .Earth domain I will promote youth engagement on activities that allow them to be aware of the world issues and its role to solve them.
  • It’s grandeur and beauty is inspiring. It always leaves you wondering what’s around the corner.

From environmental advocacy groups, to global corporations, yoga studios or a eco-friendly car washes, a .Earth domain can help any organization strengthen their brand, and advance efforts to keep our planet safe for future generations.

We want to send a warm, earthly thanks to all of the sweepstakes participants. Your comments have inspired the .Earth domain team. Please stay tuned for additional announcements about our upcoming Earth Day 2017 campaign.

Please click here to secure your own .Earth domain, and join our effort to “fight back in the name of Earth” in 2017!


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