Fight Back in the Name of Earth: Republican Candidates Vow to Undo Current Climate Initiatives


It’s certainly obvious that today’s climate crisis is real. From massive heat waves to hurricanes in California to deadly wildfires on a scale we have never seen before, we are clearly at a tipping point.

You would think that everyone would see this, right? Well not everyone.

At the recent U.S. Republican candidate debate, all eight candidates called for a massive increase in domestic oil and gas production, and all want to shift away from President Biden’s strong clean energy push.

Let’s take a quick look at President Biden’s clean energy initiatives. First, there’s the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes $369 billion in climate investments. According to the World Economic Forum, this bill has the potential to significantly curb the country’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) over the next few years. The administration is also advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing.

It’s not just the Biden administration that believes clean energy is the future.

According to report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world is entering a new industrial age of clean energy manufacturing, which could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars (per year) by the end of the decade, as well as generate millions of jobs in the process.

In addition, 2023 report from Energy Innovation found that replacing coal power plants across the United States with renewable energy projects would save a considerable amount of money.

Specifically, replacing coal plants with local wind and solar would save enough to finance nearly 150 gigawatts of four-hour battery storage, over 60 percent of the coal fleet’s capacity. This would also generate $589 billion in new investment across the U.S.

And, the Republican candidates are all against this? It seems like history could potentially repeat itself.

Back in November 2016, when Donald Trump was the President-elect, we launched a campaign called “Fight Back in the Name of Earth,” along with a .earth web domain sweepstakes in early 2017. The campaign was a call to arms for everyone to step up and fight policies that are harmful to the planet. At the time, the impact of climate change wasn’t as obvious.

Unfortunately, we all see the climate disaster in right front of us, and are calling everyone to “Fight Back in the Name of Earth.”

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