Get Ready for Climate Risk Disclosure Rule Coming in October


Throughout this year, we have been covering the pending SEC Climate Risk Disclosure on a regular basis, and rightly so. These disclosures will make corporations more accountable in addressing today’s climate challenges.

In case you are not familiar with Climate Risk Disclosures, they require certain climate-related disclosures in their registration statements and periodic reports. This includes information about climate-related risks that are likely to have a material impact on their businesses.

As one would expect, there has been intense opposition from corporate America and the proposed deadline of April 2023 for this rule to come into effect has come and gone.

However, one smart attorney at the Mintz law firm did some digging on the GSA website and discovered that the proposed climate change disclosure rule would actually be finalized and released in October 2023.

Since this is just around the corner, now’s the time for companies to get prepared for the ruling. While many in the C-suite are working hard on preparing for the disclosures, it’s also important to develop a comprehensive marketing communications strategy.

This is why the .earth web domain is ideal for developing Climate Risk Disclosure-related micro-sites that showcase a wide-range of content – from blog posts to white papers to company climate mitigation manifestos, and more.

This also fully aligns with our annual .earth web domain pricing promotion in honor of Earth Day 2023, which is focused on “Building a Healthier Economy.” Isn’t that the point of Climate Risk Disclosures?

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