New Artificial Intelligence Users Expanding the .Earth Domain Tribe


The .earth web domain “tribe” has become incredibly expansive and continues to grow every day.

From environmental organizations, geospatial companies, trade organizations, travel companies, engineering firms, and even authors and artists, there really is no limit to who can use this specialized web domain that unites like minds.

Since 2023 is certainly the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are excited to see many new entrants into the AI arena joining the .earth web domain tribe. For example, Clay.Earth recent launched a new product called Nexus, which help users navigate and enhance their entire online network.

Essentially, it uses AI to understand requests about the entirety of a user’s relationships and seamlessly provide contextual responses. The solution saves “users time by helping them find the right person, identify opportunities quicker, make better introductions, and organize the perfect events.” Clay.Earth has even caught the attention of TechCrunch.

To learn more about Nexus, check out this video:

Clay.Earth is not the only AI player who has recently embraced .earth. AI, People & Planet (AIPeoplePlanet.Earth) is a research initiative that aims to explore how rapid technological change like AI might both support and undermine transformations to sustainability.

In addition, Beholder.Earth uses AI and satellite data to gain high-precision insights into sustainable minerals exploration. Olive.Earth is a provider of digital health diagnostic solutions that has developed an AI-powered urinalysis device, which was covered by VentureBeat.

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