Documentary Filmmakers Embracing the .Earth Web Domain


Documentaries are rising in popularity. Between January of 2018 and March of 2021, the number of documentary series produced increased by 63 percent, while consumer demand skyrocketed to 142 percent.

Much of this is attributed to the ubiquity of streaming services. But also, documentaries provide a unique perspective into real-life events and issues, and allow us to make sense of the world around us. In these uncertain times, we truly need more documentaries.

Environmental and socially caused-driven documentaries are also helping us to make sense of the dramatic changes happening to our planet. Hopefully, expanding global awareness around environmental issues will spur the change that is needed to heal planet Earth.

Thankfully, we are seeing a rise in documentary filmmakers using the .earth web domain for websites aimed at promoting their films. Here’s a snapshot of some of these users:

  • Tawai: In this documentary, explorer Bruce Parry travels the world, living with indigenous peoples, delving deeper than ever on a journey into the heart of our collective human conscience. Learn more at Tawai.Earth.
  • The Illusion of Abundance: This documentary highlights three Latin American women’s stories of tireless environmental advocacy as they risk their lives to resist and sue harmful transnational corporations. Learn more at TheIllusionofAbundance.Earth.
  • Freedom to Roam: This new short documentary film explores the challenges and frustrations of the forbidden freedoms within humanity, the exploitation of land and animals. Learn more at FreedomtoRoam.Earth.
  • Good Life 2030: This is the first-ever documentary that has been produced about the advertising industry and its relationship with the climate crisis. Learn more at GoodLife2030.Earth.
  • New Yonder: New Yonder is actually a new streaming service that is “dedicated to leaving our planet wilder and more bio diverse” through storytelling. Learn more at NewYonder.Earth.

Of course, we all can’t forget that a .earth web domain documentary film received two Oscar nominations in 2020. Honeyland is an environmentally focused documentary that tells the story of an elderly North Macedonian woman who relies on ancient beekeeping traditions to cultivate honey. Learn more about Honeyland.Earth in this Voices.Earth blog post.

Are you a filmmaker inspired to produce documentaries that aim to enhance global awareness and action for saving our planet? To learn more about how you can secure your own .earth web domain, visit Voices.Earth.

In addition, many organizations and individuals are sharing their voices about the benefits of a .earth domain in our Voices.Earth podcast series.




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