Hawaii Further Protects Coral Reefs with Novel Insurance Initiative


Recognizing the urgent need to protect coral reefs against the impacts of climate change, Hawaii is taking bold steps by calling for an expansion of their coral reef insurance policy.

This groundbreaking approach aims to provide a financial safety net for restoration efforts following damaging events, such as hurricanes or bleaching incidents, ensuring the reefs’ resilience and sustainability.

Coral reefs are not just beautiful underwater landscapes; they are crucial for the health of the ocean. They provide habitat for countless marine species, support fishing and tourism industries, and act as natural barriers that protect shorelines from storm surges and erosion.

However, climate change poses a significant threat to these ecosystems, with rising sea temperatures leading to coral bleaching and increased severity of storms causing physical damage.

The insurance policy operates similarly to insurance for built assets, such as buildings or ships, offering funds for immediate restoration after a covered event.

Hawaii is setting a precedent for environmental conservation. But, they are not the only ones. Within our .earth web domain tribe, we also have several organizations helping to protect our planet’s coral reefs including:

  • Regreener.Earth: The organization is working in southern Spain to protect deep corals in the area by focusing on removing marine debris from the sea bottom and collecting, recovering and transplanting coral to restore the sea beds. Learn more here.
  • Underwater.Earth: The organization was founded by a group of communication and media specialists who all share a passion for the ocean and a belief in the power of creative storytelling using innovative technology. Learn more here.
  • Sea.Earth: This organization provides organizations with funds, spreads the word about their work, and consults them on the design and development of the SEA Nexus. Learn more here.
  • BlueAlliance.Earth: This organization has developed a unique marine conservation model and works closely with and on behalf of governments to create and nurture self-sustaining Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Learn more here.
  • OceanRebellion.Earth: This organization is a grassroots international art collective who tackle Ocean degradation and biodiversity loss by conceiving playful, emotive and spectacular art interventions. Learn more here.

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