How Do Oscar-Nominated Films Fare in the Climate Reality Check Test?


The Oscars have long been a platform not just for celebrating cinematic achievements, but also for spotlighting societal issues.

This year, a new initiative named the “Climate Reality Check” test is aiming to do that by kicking off discussions on how climate change is depicted in films. The test, a creative collaboration between the climate story consultancy Good Energy and Colby College’s Buck Lab for Climate and Environment, evaluates the representation of climate change on screen.

The Climate Reality Check focuses on the integration and acknowledgment of climate change within a film’s narrative – a reflection of a growing awareness of and concern for environmental issues within the arts and entertainment sector.

Of the 31 films nominated for Oscars, 13 fulfilled the requirements to be considered for the Climate Reality Check, specifically being set on Earth in the current or imminent future.

For example, among these, “Barbie,” “Mission Impossible,” and “Nyad” constitute 23 percent of the films that, even if in a minor way, engage with the subject of climate change.

Fortunately, within our .earth web domain tribe, we also have several organizations helping to send the message that climate change is a critical issue that deserves attention, not just from policymakers and activists but from storytellers and artists:

  • ClimateCulture.Earth: The organization is made up of a team of creatives, curators and connectors dedicated to empowering people to take climate action through events, digital experiences, content and filmmaking. Learn more here.
  • Atmos.Earth: Atmos is an exploration of climate and culture in a nonprofit biannual magazine and digital platformcurated by a global ecosystem of artists and activists. They also written about what filmmaking does to the environment. Learn more here.
  • GoodEnergyStories.Earth: Good Energy is an open-source digital guide to portraying climate change on-screen, including story inspiration, cheat sheets, character profiles, solutions and projections into the future. Learn more here.
  • Tillingbourne.Earth: This organization in England has created the Tillingbourne Outdoor Green Theater that supports local green initiatives. Learn more here.

If you are working to reduce the entertainment industry’s carbon footprint, consider using the .earth web domain to showcase your innovative efforts to hold accountable the TV and film industry. Click here to secure your own .earth web domain name.

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