How Are People Feeling about Climate Change Right Now?


The answer: not great. According to a new Ipsos study, seven in ten people anticipate change will have a “severe effect” in their area within the next ten years. Almost six in ten (57%) report a severe effect of climate change in the area where they live, but this varies greatly by country. Reported climate change impact is highest in Mexico (81%), Brazil (79%) and Turkey (79%).

And to make matters worse, on a global average, people don’t believe that the information available to them is enough to help them take the right steps. Faith in governments, businesses and the media seems to be lacking.

Six in ten global citizens say that governments and businesses in their country do not provide the right amount of information on climate change (59% and 61% respectively).

Ipsos released the study earlier this week, ahead of the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference. The goal was to provide an assessment on how people feel about climate change right now – focusing on what they see around them and what they think about actions being taken to address the challenges it brings.

Commenting on the findings, Lauren Demar, Ipsos Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of ESG, said:

“As the world’s leaders gather at COP, this latest Ipsos research reveals a stark reality – with the majority of people not only witnessing the severe impacts of climate change but bracing for its escalation. A staggering seven in ten expect climate change will profoundly affect their local areas within the next decade.

Our research underscores a critical disconnect. There is a pervasive sentiment that both governments and businesses are not matching the public’s concerns with equivalent levels of action and transparency.”

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