New UN Advisory Body Looks to Harness AI to Combat Climate Change


Artificial intelligence (AI) has risen exponentially in recent years. While it has many benefits to make life easier, it also has quite a few drawbacks, some scarier than others. AI has the power to transform how we live –in a positive way – but it also poses the challenge of ensuring it remains a technology used for good.

To begin to address this, the UN recently launched an AI Advisory Body as a starting point for a global conversation on the governance of AI, so that its benefits to all of humanity are maximized, and the risks contained and diminished.

The UN has gathered experts with deep experience across government, the private sector, technology, civil society and academia to ensure AI is used for the greater good of humanity, including with helping to turn around the negative impacts of climate change.

The Secretary-General believes AI could scale up and amplify the work of governments, civil society and the UN — from predicting and addressing crises, to supercharging climate action and efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Within our .earth domain tribe, there are several organizations working in AI to help our planet benefit from the cutting-edge technology including:

  • Carma.Earth: The organization’s goal is to make social and environmental impact simple and affordable including what actions businesses must consider if they want to implement AI into their daily operations. Learn more here.
  • SmarterTogether.Earth: The UNDP is using collective intelligence for sustainable development to get smarter together including with the development of AI. Learn more here.
  • Teachr.Earth: An organization that uses innovative technologies, as well as the support of AI, in the creation of learning content. Learn more here.
  • Nimbo.Earth: The organization’s applies AI models to remote sensing to bridge the gap between Earth observation’s amazing resources and public or private organizations’ strategic needs. Learn more here.

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