It’s Time to Officially Brand Earth


Our planet is at a tipping point where environmental activism needs to move into the next phase – where global awareness is ubiquitous with all people and nations.

One of the core challenges is that the way we live, work and consume products runs counter to what the planets needs, which is a comprehensive approach to long-term sustainability.

That is why we are calling for a global effort to brand “Earth.” For non-branding professionals, this is the process whereby we create a unique image about our planet in the minds of all citizens around the world.

The Earth Day Network is the driving organization that has created the “Earth Day” brand, which continues to be a viable global event for enhancing environmental awareness. But, we all know that Earth Day should be every day.

One way for any organization – whether an environmental advocacy group or a global corporation – to advance the Earth brand is to embrace the new .earth domain extension.

Just as the “left of the dot” in an organization’s domain name is a critical branding element, so too is the “right of the dot.” This new approach allows organizations to further enhance their own brands, and more importantly, shine a spotlight on Earth every time someone visits them online.

In addition, messages delivered under a .earth domain will stand out in Internet search results, establish credibility and build trust with communities, consumers, politicians, as well as business partners and customers.

Now is the time to voluntarily pledge to become ambassadors
for Earth, and do away with actions that harm our planet and its inhabitants.
The best way to do this is to secure a new .earth domain.

To get started on the path towards branding planet Earth, please visit one of these registrars to secure your new .earth domain.


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