Geospatial Sector Ready To Take The .Earth Domain Pledge?

Planet earth is the foundation for all of this imagery, mapping and analysis efforts

Over the past 20 years, global governments, businesses and citizens have all become spatially and location aware. From the rise of mobile mapping applications to drones to the need for comprehensive geospatial data analysis systems for the military, dynamic mapping data has become the foundation for all critical decision-making efforts.

In today’s world, “where” matters, especially when it comes to obtaining driving directions to locating key assets for forestry management, utilities, and even for oil and gas exploration.

All of these efforts come down to knowing where something is on planet earth. In other words, our planet is the critical foundation for all of this imagery, mapping and analysis efforts.

To reinforce the strength of the earth in the geospatial sector, we are calling on companies and organizations in this specialized are to consider using a new .earth top-level domain extension.

Here are the core benefits of switching over to a .earth domain name:

  • Enhanced Branding: .earth will allow your organization to further enhance your brand in the eyes of partners, customers, investors and government agencies.
  • Reinforce the Strength of the Community: .earth will allow your organization to reinforce the strength of the entire geospatial community, which is grounded in the concept of planet earth. 
  • You Voluntarily Take the Earth Pledge: By securing a new .earth domain, you voluntarily pledge to become ambassadors for earth, and align your efforts to better meet your missions and business goals.

To get started on enhancing the brand of your geospatial organization, please visit one of these registrars to secure your new .earth domain.


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