PODCAST: A Six-Year-Old Girl Discusses the Beauty of Earth Day


In the following Voices.Earth podcast interview, Simone, a six-year-old student at the American School Madrid, tells us why she thinks Earth Day is so special. Our readers may recall that Simone shared her love of Earth with us last year in this podcast.

Once again, we are shown that the youngest are often the smartest, especially when it comes to keeping planet Earth safe and healthy for future generations.

In the vein of the TV show “Kids Say the Funniest Things,” Simone discusses her love of the planet and how she would like to help keep it clean, such as telling the President of the United States and other world leaders that they need to “pick up trash and not make lots of pollution.”

While this podcast showcases the unintended humor that children can convey when talking about complex topics, it reinforces how younger generations truly understand the importance of our planet, including Earth Day.

We applaud the upcoming generation for having a deep-rooted love for Earth and our natural world. With Earth Day 2017 upon us, we urge everyone to take Simone’s inspiration to heart and register for a .Earth domain name.

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