In Time for Earth Day 2017: Check Out These New .Earth Websites


Since the public launch of the .Earth top-level domain in November 2015, a wide-range of organizations have embraced this new online platform. As a key branding tool that helps any organization to reinforce their mission to preserve our planet, websites with .Earth domains have been launching at a rapid pace.

Just in time for Earth Day 2017, the Voices.Earth blog is showcasing a number of new, and highly dynamic organizations leveraging .Earth domain names. Here’s the list:

  • Coalesce.Earth: Coalesce is an “accelerator for campuses” who aspire to build cohesive and enduring campus sustainability initiatives.
  • Commongood.Earth: Common Good is a nonprofit organization that is creating a framework for a new economy by combining a fast-growing community credit system with traditional banking, for community-centered decision-making, money-creation, innovation, cooperation, and economic justice.
  • Earthearts.Earth: Earthearts features rare, precious handcrafted items, made to last generations.
  • Empowerproject.Earth: Empower Project is a “Conscious E-Commerce” platform devoted to fighting poverty in developing nations around the world.
  • Evolving.Earth: Evolving Earth’s mission is to provide foundations for businesses to bring about more authentic, compassionate, and connected ways of living by using the web and technology to share their message and make an impact. 
  • Findthemiddle.Earth: Find the Middle is a new political organization that aims to bring Republican and Democrat together to uncover the middle ground in our democracy.
  • Forgood.Earth: For Good is an Emmy-winning, Academy Award and Grammy-nominated impact production company committed to harnessing the power of exceptional art to inspire hope, compel action and ignite lasting impact.
  • Greenenergyproject.Earth: The Green Energy Project is focused on helping individuals understand what they can do in their own communities to address the impact of climate change.
  • Hero.Earth: The Holistic European Research Organization (HERO) is a nonprofit that aims to spread awareness about holism in all its forms, both in Italy and in Europe.
  • Livingalive.Earth: Living Alive is a travel company that offers a unique range of meaningful experiences and adventures in and around Edinburgh, and the wildest parts of Scotland and the French Pyrenees.
  • Minimalmass.Earth: Minimal Mass is a business development agency aiming to make electricity available and renewable energy tech affordable. 
  • Natureworks.Earth: Nature Works is a series of products that bring nature into balance with our everyday lives.
  • Reset.Earth: Reset is a site aimed at creating a repository of information about global warming.

You too can take a page from these organizations and secure your own .Earth domain name in time for Earth Day 2017.

Running through May 31st, our registrar partners are offering special pricing for one-year registrations of standard .Earth domain names starting at $8.90 USD. Click here to take advantage of this special offer.


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