Alternative Facts

.Earth Sweepstakes Entries Inspire With Their Submissions – Winner to be Announced Next Week

March 13, 2017

When President Trump was inaugurated, it sent a clear edict to the American people – the factual scientific evidence behind climate change is in the crosshairs of this administration. In today’s political world of “alternative-facts” when it comes to climate…

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.Earth Domain Sweepstakes Deadline Extended — Five Reasons to Enter Now

February 15, 2017

Unfortunately, the Trump administration has been leading an effective campaign to deny climate change, dismantle much of the pro-environment work by previous administrations, and is seeking to end regulation and oversight designed to protect people and the planet’s resources. In…

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Green Movement a “Threat to Freedom;” Did He Actually Say That?

February 8, 2017

We have clearly entered into a dangerous realm where the Trump administration has zero qualms about blatantly spreading dangerous misinformation. Especially with Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” and her false claim about the Bowling Green “massacre,” this is an administration that…

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