Neil Young

Top 10 Earth Stories for 2016:

December 14, 2016

From Trump to Neil Young and Prince, It’s Been An Interesting Year From President-elect Trump’s early efforts to dismantle President Obama’s hard work to save our planet to the rise of many organizations embracing the new .Earth top level domain,…

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Earthables: The Perfect Earth-Related Brand Name

August 4, 2016

Names can be very powerful. In fact, many people even believe that a child’s name can actually predict how well they will perform in school, as well as pre-determine their career opportunities. The same can be said for brands, companies…

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Calling on Neil Young to Secure a .Earth Domain

July 12, 2016

Neil Young’s new live album EARTH features a career spanning catalogue of his most environmentally conscious songs. Young, a huge advocate for environmental stewardship, chose songs he performed with backing band Promise of the Real during their 2015 tour. To…

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