Earthables: The Perfect Earth-Related Brand Name


Names can be very powerful.

In fact, many people even believe that a child’s name can actually predict how well they will perform in school, as well as pre-determine their career opportunities.

The same can be said for brands, companies and other organizations. The right name can set a brand on the right path to achieving massive influence and prosperity.

Earthables, an online community of passionate people sharing photos and stories, about planet Earth, is a prime example of an organization that has the perfect name. With more than 1 million Facebook fans, and 19,000 followers on Instagram, Earthables is advancing the mission of raising awareness about our special planet.

Though, perhaps one thing is missing for Earthables?

The organization is still using a .com domain name, but Earthables now has an opportunity to make its brand even more powerful by securing a .Earth domain extension.

As we have highlighted before, by enhancing your brand in the “right of the dot” world, it is possible to push brand loyalty into an even higher arena. And, the .Earth domain extension exists to help any organization change the world for the better – a mission that we believe Earthables can get behind.

As we have done with Neil Young, as well as Ed Norton and Radiohead, we are officially calling on Earthables to secure their own .Earth domain. We urge the organization’s leaders to visit our list of registrars to make this happen.

The end result will be a powerful brand name that will help carry Earthables into an even brighter future.


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