Top 10 Earth Stories for 2016:


From Trump to Neil Young and Prince, It’s Been An Interesting Year

From President-elect Trump’s early efforts to dismantle President Obama’s hard work to save our planet to the rise of many organizations embracing the new .Earth top level domain, 2016 has been a very interesting year when it came to Earth-related news.

As the year draws to a close, the Voices.Earth blog has compiled its first definitive list of the top 10 Earth-related news stories of the year for your reading pleasure.

#10 – Paris Agreement on Fast Track to Becoming Reality: Prior to the Presidential election, all signs were pointing to the Paris Agreement becoming a reality much sooner than anyone expected. Though, we will see what the future holds under the new Trump administration.

#9 – Fossil Fuel Companies Under Legal Fire for Causing Extreme Weather Events in the Philippines (Podcast): Tim Crosland, the Director of Plan B, discussed how the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines is launching a legal case to make fossil fuel companies accountable for causing extreme weather events.

#8 – Kids Play The Trump Card on Climate Action: Children and young adults were recently granted the legal right to force the U.S. federal government’s hand by making climate stability a basic constitutional right.

#7 – Access.Earth Founder Discusses Vision to Make Travel Easy for All (Podcast): Matt McCann, CEO and Founder of Access.Earth discussed his vision for making travel easier for people with disabilities, why he chose a .Earth domain extension, and much more.

#6 – Bettercup.Earth is Taking a Stand for a Sustainable Planet: With the aim of challenging Starbuck’s yet-to-be-fulfilled mission of recycling its cups, Stand launched it’s Bettercup.Earth this year.

#5 – The Top 10 Earth-Related Businesses In The World: These top 10 Earth-related businesses are truly making a difference in saving our planet, and are making environmental health a key priority within their products, services and production processes.

#4 – Calling on Neil Young to Secure a .Earth Domain: In 2016, Neil Young put out an album called EARTH, which features a career spanning catalogue of his most environmentally conscious songs. As such, the Voices.Earth blog is calling on him to secure his own .Earth domain.

#3 – Prince Secretly Supported Green Giving: The sudden death of Prince was another piece of bad news for many in what has been a challenging year. Especially knowing that Prince was secretly an advocate for saving our planet.

#2 – A Five-Year-Old Girl Discusses the Beauty of Earth Day (Podcast): Sometimes, the youngest are the wisest among us – which is especially true when it comes to our planet. This was proven to be true with our special Earth Day podcast with Simone, a five-year old who attends The American School Madrid in Spain.

#1 – Time To Fight Back in the Name of Earth: As a preview of our upcoming “time to fight back in the name of Earth campaign,” we showcased how many companies, organizations and citizens are joining together to fight against President-elect Trump’s efforts to deny climate change.

What were your top Earth stories for 2016? Also, please be sure to join the “fight back in the name of Earth” campaign by securing your own .Earth top-level domain.


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