Friday’s Food for Thought: Starbucks Cuts Down Trees Just for Me


As we have highlighted before, Stand.Earth has been tirelessly advocating for coffee giant Starbucks to keep its initial promise of recycling and making tree-free cups with its Bettercup.Earth campaign.

In addition to using .Earth top level domains to convey the importance of their message, Stand has taken things one step further. The organization recently launched a funny viral video that calls out both Starbucks and pokes fun at hipsters.

The video is so good that Geek Wire recently covered it, and there’s a great reason why it’s so funny: it was created by former editors of The Onion and ClickHole.

But don’t take our word (and Geek Wire’s) for it. Check out the video below.

This is a prime example of an organization that is using .Earth domains, and a dash of creativity and humor, to help save the planet. If your organization wants to take a page from Stand, we recommend securing your own .Earth domain name as the first step in your campaign to “fight back in the name of Earth.”


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