Advancing Brand Activism with a .Earth Domain Name


As President Donald Trump approaches nearly 200 days in office, we are living in an increasingly divisive political arena where the truth often gets distorted through bullying and blatant lies – clearly motivated by a deeply insecure Trump.

Many people in the United States are shocked on a daily basis of Trump’s Twitter missives, which are amongst other things, aimed at dismantling former President Obama’s achievements.

As a result, a vast majority of the U.S. population is seeking truth and authenticity when it comes to how they receive and digest their news.

And now the branding world is taking on an activist approach as well.

Some major companies have already blazed a path, including Lyft donating $1 million to the ACLU, Starbucks vowing to hire 10,000 refugees, Airbnb offering free housing to refugees – all in the wake of Trump’s Executive Order to ban immigrants from seven Muslim nations.

According to a recent Fast Company article, this type of brand activism is the future of corporate branding. Consumers are tired of the lies that confront them everyday, and corporations have an opportunity to gain true loyalty by being progressive, honest and authentic.

Along these lines, Voices.Earth launched a campaign called “Fight Back in the Name of Earth” in November 2016, which aims to reinforce how any brand can truly be authentic by using a .Earth domain name.

For branding firms looking to advance activist efforts for clients, we urge them to consider the .Earth domain as a core part of the their branding arsenals. By enhancing clients’ brand in the “right of the dot” world, it is possible to push brand loyalty into an even higher domain (pun intended) – and build trust with communities, consumers and business partners.

Whether it’s for micro-sites to support new marketing campaigns, or for a client’s main website, a .Earth domain conveys a brand message that is grounded in supporting our planet – a message than many consumers want to hear right now.

Act now to secure your own .Earth domain name, and take the right step towards fully embracing the future of brand activism!



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