EyesOn.Earth Inspiring a New Generation of Environmental Photographers


We are living in an era of unprecedented global change, where human activity is dramatically changing our planet. This rapid transformation of Earth’s landscapes, ecosystems, waters, and atmosphere has caused scientists to propose a new geologic epoch called the Anthropocene, or Age of Man, where people have become the dominant force on the planet.

In order to fully understand humans’ impact on Earth, we need to foster more education through visual storytelling to make the underlying causes of environmental change visible and accessible for public discussion and policy decision-making.

This is where EyesOn.Earth comes into play. Founded by two veteran environmental media professionals, the organization offers on-campus lectures, seminars, and workshops that illustrate for young photographers the field of environmental photography – and how it might become a rewarding focus for their creative energies and productive careers.

To help further propel the branding of this laudable new effort, Jim and Dennis chose a .Earth domain name.

“I felt that a .com name was ‘old school,’ and the .Earth domain is the best way to build a brand that had consistent labeling across all of our digital platforms,” said Dennis. “The .Earth domain perfectly solved the issue at hand, and it’s memorable.”

“The .Earth domain establishes where our sentiments lie – with Earth,” said Jim. “We could have gone with a .org domain name, but a .Earth domain gets our message across without needing any explanation.”

Here are some additional highlights from this interview:

  • An overview on EyesOn.Earth – the organization´s mission, vision and much more. (:30)
  • Additional insights into the educational programs that Jim and Dennis are developing. (3:19)
  • Why the .Earth domain name perfectly supported this new effort. (7:20).
  • What the future holds for EyesOn.Earth. (10:41).

To learn more about EyesOn.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are launching a new Earth-related organization, and want to take a page from Jim’s and Dennis’ efforts, please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain name.


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