Xplor.Earth Offers Curated Journeys to Exotic Destinations


As more people are preferring to spend their money on “experiences” — as opposed to buying material goods — these days, there are many new companies emerging that take the idea of travel to a whole new level.

Launched in March 2017, Xplor.Earth offers curated expeditions that are for travelers who are seeking life-changing challenges. From hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to trekking the Kirti Glacier in India, Xplor.Earth serves as a “travel facilitator” that allows anyone to safely explore some of the Earth’s most exotic destinations.

To help differentiate this new adventure travel business, Harsh decided to take advantage of a .Earth domain name.

“I wanted to both differentiate myself from the other travel companies, and bring the concept of Earth exploration to the forefront,” said Harsh. “The .Earth domain was perfect for me because I wanted a unique name that was inline with my passion for travel, and what I was intending to do with this effort.”

Here are some other key highlights from this interview:

  • Insights into how the idea of Xplor.Earth came about. (:28)
  • Tell us about Xplor.Earth. The company’s mission and all that good stuff.
  • The types of curated travel experiences that Xplor.Earth offers to the most adventurous traveler. (1:43)
  • How Harsh originally found his passion for travel and parlayed that into this new enterprise. (2:40)
  • Why Harsh chose to use a .Earth domain name. (4:30).
  • What the future holds for Xplor.Earth. (5:49)

To learn more about Xplor.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are launching your own travel-related business, and are inspired by Harsh’s efforts, please click here to secure your own .Earth domain name here.


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