Biden Aims to Advance Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing


In the United States, the Biden administration is taking on a bold effort to further spur the biomanufacturing sector with the goal of producing petroleum-made products with sustainable biomass.

According to the Biden administration, biomanufacturing has the potential to drive new sustainable alternatives across industries, including plastics, fuels, and medicines. This can be achieved by using biological systems to produce goods and services at commercial scale.

This effort is being supported by many other federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense investing in biomanufacturing to develop “advanced capabilities that meet national security needs.”

As expected, many .earth web domain users are already at the forefront of the emerging biotechnology and biomanufacturing trend.

For example, Rubi.Earth has developed key innovations for creating the new “symbiotic era” of manufacturing. Vectors.Earth invests in start-ups that bio-based solutions for addressing climate change through biomanufacturing. GlobalEdge.Earth also supports the growth and development of emerging biotechnology companies.

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We applaud the Biden administration’s efforts to transform manufacturing in a way that puts the health of the planet in the driver’s seat.

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