The .Earth Domain “Tribe” is Expanding in Ways Never Imagined


The .Earth domain creates a unique place that unites like minds – whether it be brands or individuals – and allows them to promote their passions, causes, businesses, brands or stories for the overall betterment of life for all.

As the .Earth domain makes its way towards its second birthday, we have seen our base of users expand in ways never imagined. From electric car companies to techno music promoters to online travel publications, the .Earth “tribe” is large and growing, and continues to be embraced by the most innovative organizations.

Here are some examples of new .Earth domains that fit this criteria:

  • Parkour.Earth: This new organization serves as the sole governing and administering body for all things Parkour and free-running. Check them out here, and listen to our podcast interview with Eugene Minogue, Chief Executive of Parkour.Earth, here.
  • Travel.Earth: This community-driven website allows its members to share experiences and true insights of a destination or culture with a goal to connect the larger global travel community. Check them out here. 
  • Uniti.Earth: This company is reinventing city transportation with its mass market electric city car that brings a new approach to safety and sustainability. Check them our here, and listen to our podcast interview with Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti.Earth, here.
  • Believe.Earth: Launched at the Rock In Rio festival on September 15th, 2017, Believe.Earth is a content, action, virtual and face-to-face movement that wants to inspire changes and make dreams come true by offering a better and possible future. Check them out here.
  • GlobalMission.Earth: GlobalMission.Earth is an organization that books and promotes the most cutting-edge underground techno artists and musicians. Check them out here. 
  • GoZero.Earth: This innovative company offers zero-emission travel experiences. Check them out here.
  • Lithium.Earth: This brand-new website aims to serve as the premier online destination that advocates for transforming how we consume energy with the goal of making lithium and lithium batteries the de facto standard for everyone. Check them out here.

As the .Earth domain creates a safe place on the Internet, and allows organizations to elevate their brands to new heights, we welcome many more innovative organizations to join our tribe!  

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