Friday’s Food for Thought: Radiohead and Ed Norton Support the Environment


When it comes to environmental activism, the biggest musical acts often serve as the most resounding voices for saving our planet. Whether it is Neil Young, Paul McCartney or Prince, these songwriters and performers fortunately have massive platforms for educating and entertaining fans about protecting the future of Earth.

Radiohead has now joined the list of illustrious bands that are actively supporting the cause with a new contest to win two tickets to their upcoming Madison Square Garden show.

In coordination with Ed Norton, the band is asking fans to donate $10 to Conservation International for the chance to fly to New York City to see the band perform and even meet them backstage. For any passionate Radiohead fan – and there are many – this is an incredible opportunity to help the planet while also having a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Be sure to click here to enter.

Radiohead is also no stranger to environmental causes. In 2008, the band’s tour was carbon neutral, and Thom York has battled with UK politicians with regards to acknowledging climate change. York has also been a strong supporter of Friends of Earth, who we recently interviewed for its “Send a Climate Change Skeptic to Space” campaign.

Let’s not forget about the band’s songs. Classics like “Idioteque,” “Airbag,” and “The Numbers” all have an environmental theme, or share post-apocalyptic take on the world. However, our favorite environmental song by Radiohead is “Fake Plastic Trees.”

Here’s this musical gem for your Friday listening pleasure:

Finally, as we recently did with Neil Young, we are calling on Radiohead, Ed Norton and Conservation International to all consider using .earth domains to boost their advocacy efforts. Here’s our list of registrars for taking this simple step to help save our precious planet.


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