Heightened Level of Meaning at Earth Day’s “March For Science”


(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

In over 600 cities worldwide, the planet’s inhabitants rallied to make their voices heard at this year’s Earth Day festivities. With President Trump favoring profit over planet in his first 100 days, this year could very well be the most crucial yet in raising awareness for global environmental issues. This also was the year that gave rise to the March for Science as we saw relentless attacks on science and logic from the current administration.

To add fuel to the fire, current and former NBA and WWE stars Kylie Irving, Shaquille O’Neill and AJ Styles, among other celebrities, have recently felt safe to come out as  flat earthers; and we can’t forget the head of the EPA continues to deny climate change. The idea that “science is real” has suddenly become the new rallying cry.

The March for Science saw self-proclaimed science geeks, nerds, and introverts took to the streets en masse with sharp-witted senses of humor in tow and signs to match.

In addition to the cleverly ironic signs, the well-informed across the world, from Tokyo to London (and even Antarctica!), set out to spread the knowledge by creating and staffing events and workshops meant to engage and educate citizens of the planet looking to help create a sustainable Earth.

In Washington, D.C. “sci-lebreties,” including Bill Nye and Questlove got the crowd going with words of wisdom and peace. At one point, the crowd erupted, directing their voices to the man in office himself, “Hey, Trump, have you heard, you can’t silence every nerd!”

This year’s combined Earth Day and March for Science was truly a worldwide homage to truth, science and environmental awareness. Thank you to each and every participant standing up for your rights. Science is real, science can’t be silenced, and the truth always comes out on top.

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