Is a Positive Climate Future Within Our Reach?


It’s common knowledge that we are living in a tipping point moment where our climate is rapidly changing before our eyes. From heat waves and droughts in Europe to rare tornadoes in Virginia Beach, these are just the climate headlines for this week.

When we see these types of news stories, it’s very easy to lose hope about the future health of our planet. However, for Earth Day 2023, USA Today reached out to a number of scientists and climate experts to get their positive news on our climate future.

Here’s a quick summary of the good news:

  • Things can actually improve if we move fast enough, especially if we hit the 2025 net-zero goals.
  • To help pull more carbon out of the air and stabilize coastal systems, mangrove forests and seaside ecosystems have been restored.
  • New inland cities, where humans will migrate after the sea-level rise hits a critical point.
  • A massive program of careful “prescribed burns” has rejuvenated many of America’s forests.
  • In the future, our homes will be highly efficient, better insulated, cheaper to heat and cool, and more comfortable overall.
  • We will be eating more vegetables because meat will be less popular.
  • Gas-powered cars will become collector’s items.
  • Power will come in a broad array of carbon-neutral sources, including solar, onshore and offshore wind, nuclear and hydroelectric.

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