Mother Nature Sending Rainy Message to President Trump in Time for New .Earth Domain Sweepstakes


Clear the Skies of Bad Weather and Get Ready to “Fight Back in the Name of Earth!”

With a 90 percent chance of rain in Washington, D.C., it seems that Mother Nature is sending President Trump a message on his Inauguration Day. The message is that we need to join together to save our Earth in the face of an anti-climate change administration.

Fortunately, we are sending our own message to all environmental organizations facing uncertainty in the face of President Trump, which is that “now’s the time to fight back in the name of Earth.”

One way to fight back is to use a .Earth top-level domain (TLD). As Trump begins his term today, a .Earth domain – which is quickly becoming a platform for bringing awareness to global issues – can demonstrate a company or organization’s commitment to ensuring their continued stewardship of the environment.

To help get you on the path to joining this effort to save the planet, today we are launching a sweepstakes where your organization can win a custom .Earth domain.

If you work for an organization that is making the world a better place and you’re tired of hearing Trump and his team call climate change a hoax, securing and using a .Earth top level domain for your organization can start you on the right path to fighting the good fight.

The winner of the sweepstakes will be able to select a domain name similar to the many who have already embraced .Earth domains as a strategy for enhancing their overall missions, business models, and online branding.

Don’t let the Inauguration Day rain linger for four years. Registering for a .Earth domain unites us as a common movement. Together, we share our concern for the planet and its future.

Enter today to win your own .Earth domain. The sweepstakes will end on February 10th, with a winner being selected in the following days.


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