Top Seven .Earth Domains Featuring Content Related to the Number Seven


We continue our .Earth web domain 7th anniversary with the top seven .Earth domains featuring the number seven.

While the number seven has been associated with luck, it also represents completeness, and is the number of perfection. The .Earth web domain is celebrating its 7th anniversary during the month of November with a series of content around all things number seven.

We have highlighted our top seven blog posts, Voices.Earth podcasts, and even the top seven performing .Earth web domains. For our final installment in this series, we are showcasing the top seven .Earth domains featuring content related to the number seven. Here’s the full list:

  • 7) The Universe Within You – Seven-Day Course: Rea.Earth is offering a 7-day digital course designed to help you unlock the infinite potential of your mind, body, and soul. Learn more here.
  • 6) Seven Tips for Becoming a Greener Gardener: Pinwheel.Earth is sharing seven tips for helping you to become a greener gardener. Learn more here.
  • 5) The Seven Chakra Soap Bar Set: BeeInNature.Earth is selling a seven chakra soap bar set that will unblock your chakras and lead to body, mind and spiritual harmony. Learn more here.
  • 4) Seven Bag Fridge Pack: TheKeeper.Earth is offering its seven-bag reusable produce bags for eco-friendly shoppers. Learn more here, and check out our Voices.Earth podcast interview with Hugh Dinning, Director, of TheKeeper.Earth, here.
  • 3) Seven Zero-Waste Cocktails: Viable.Earth teaches you how to make seven cocktails using leftovers from your kitchen. Learn more here.
  • 2) The Symphony Seven Community: Symphony7.Earth is a community that aims to connect people and businesses for the sake of Profit-for-Good, and to facilitate the uplift of humanity and the planet. Learn more here.
  • 1) Seven Tips for Great Gut Health: LoveWell.Earth is offering seven tips for achieving great gut health. Learn more here.

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