Top Seven Best Performing .Earth Websites


In honor of the 7th anniversary of .Earth, we are highlighting our top seven .Earth web domain websites

In our ongoing content series around the seventh anniversary of the .Earth web domain, we are highlighting the top seven best performing .Earth websites.

While the .Earth domain tribe is very diverse in nature, what makes this list unique is that the vast majority of them are focused on environmental sustainability. This reinforces how the need to “fight back in the name of Earth” has never been more important.

Climate change is very real, and these .Earth domain users are working hard to advance solutions that truly gain traction. Here’s the full list:

  • 7) Strive2Thrive.Earth: The THRIVE Project is a for-impact social enterprise whose mission is to ensure the long-term well-being and ‘thrivability’ of all humanity. Check out the full website here.
  • 6) JoinSeeds.Earth: Seeds is a currency that aligns money with value with the goal of helping you, your business and your movement regenerate our planet and encourage collaboration, cooperation and community building. Check out the full website here. 
  • 5) SeeYou.Earth: See You Earth offers unique NFTs, along with the potential for passive income, crypto arbitrage, and gamified earning opportunities. Check out the full website here.
  • 4) Hypha.Earth: Hypha builds tools for creating new economic systems to start to address humanity’s crises through a regenerative economic system. Check out the full website here.
  • 3) Greenly.Earth: Greenly offers a software-as-a-service platform that lets you calculate your company’s carbon emissions, store and track them in one place, generate a certified report of your carbon footprint and get some insights about ways to reduce your emissions. Check out the full website here.
  • 2) Zoom.Earth: Earth allows you to track storms and severe weather in real-time through a dynamic web interface. Check out the full website here.
  • BOLT.Earth: BOLT is India’s largest Electric Vehicle technology company with over 10,000 charging points across 300 different cities in India. Check out the full website here.

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