Why Use a .Earth Domain Name? Hear Directly from Top Users


Several months ago, Voices.Earth embarked on the “Leading Voices” podcasting campaign where we interview the top .Earth domain name users, and allow them to spotlight their organizations.

One of the great outcomes from this effort is that we gained some deep insights into why these organization decided to use a .Earth domain name. And, some of the responses have been somewhat surprising, enlightening, and very worthy of sharing with our Voices.Earth readers. Here they are:

  • “Our company name actually comes from the .Earth domain:” Duarte de Zoeten, one of the founders of Mossy.Earth, discussed how he found the .Earth domain name first, then came up with the name for his organization – – a reversal from what most .Earth domain name users typically do. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • We don’t even own the .com name – nor do we want it:” Lewis Horne, CEO of Earth, shared these insights into how the Uniti.Earth domain name helps this dynamic electric car company to reinforce its positive impact on the environment. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • “.Earth has that perfect global vibe, and immediately offers you a sense of connection to the planet:” Kate Prince, the founder of MadeByNoble.Earth, shared these insights and why being part of the “.Earth tribe” really helps differentiate her company that offers specialized nutritional beverages. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • “I felt that a .com name was ‘old school,’ and the .Earth domain is the best way to build a brand that had consistent labeling across all of our digital platforms:” Dennis Dimick, co-founder of EyesOn.Earth, made this statement when discussing how the .Earth domain name truly helps differentiate the brand of his new consultancy that aims to inspire the next generation of environmental photographers. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • “The domain is a global community of people who care about Earth:” Naamal De Silva, Founder of Mayla.Earth, discussed how the .Earth domain name helps further brand her new online community platform that focuses on compelling storytelling to inspire a deep connection to nature. Listen to the full podcast here. 
  • “The .Earth domain was perfect for me because I wanted a unique name that was in line with my passion for travel:” Harsh Patil, the founder of Xplor.Earth, made this statement when discussing how to best position his new travel adventure company. Listen to the full podcast here.

Please be sure to check out our previous “Leading Voices Greatest Hits” post here. In addition, if you want to take a page from these organizations – and move away from using an “old school” .com name, click here to secure your very own .Earth domain name.



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